Bee-themed Wedding Favours

Add an environmentally responsible touch to your wedding with our range of bee-themed wedding favours.

Mix and match from our range of items, which include:

– Pure, local honey
– Beeswax Candles, handmade in Lancashire
– Homemade honey fudge
– Gift baskets for special guests

Pure, Local Honey

We supply gorgeous, high-quality honey produced by the bees from our apiaries across the North West and North Wales.

The honey usually comes in 75g jars, although larger sizes can be supplied to suit you budget.

Honey favours start at £3 per jar

Handmade Beeswax Candles

Our candles are made from pure beeswax. They are a natural product and can vary in colour from pale cream to a darker, more yellow tone. Their aroma is a mixture of honey, propolis and wax, resulting in a lovely smell, reminiscent of the beehive itself.

Candles come in bee ‘gift boxes’, tied with a ribbon and labelled with your personalised label. Larger sizes of candle can also be supplied to suit you budget.

Beeswax Candles start at £4 each

Homemade Honey Fudge

Our delicious honey fudge is made to our own recipe using only the best ingredients. It is flavoured with our gorgeous honey. There are four options for packaging:-
  1. One of our gift ‘bee boxes’, which contains two honeycomb-moulded ingots of fudge. The box is tied with ribbon to match your colour scheme and with your personalised label attached
  2. A honeycomb-embossed ‘crystal’ carton of fudge, sealed with a wrapping band bearing your bespoke label
  3. A cellophane slip bag containing 3 honeycomb-moulded ingots of fudge
  4. Tied with ribbon to match your colour scheme and with your personalised label attached

Hampers for Special Guests

We can create hampers of bee-related products to suit your wishes and budget. Contents can include mixtures of honey, candles, fudge, soaps, jewellery and other items.

The contents can be presented in a range of baskets, planters or other containers. We have even used hanging baskets. We try to incorporate containers which can be put to a useful purpose by the recipient.

Hampers are wrapped in gift film, tied with ribbon and labelled with your bespoke label.

Hampers start at £12 each

Bespoke Labels and Table Cards

We can design and print bee-themed labels to suit your colour scheme and the style of your wedding.

We can also produce information cards to put on each table which explain the importance of honeybees and what we can do to support them.

We work with you to ensure that the labels and cards reflect your needs and add a memorable ‘wow’ factor to your big day.

There is a minimum charge of £20 for this service.

Anything is possible

If there is something else that you think you would like but it isn’t shown above, just ask us. We can work with you to create wonderful wedding items meet your needs and help to support honeybees and other pollinators.


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