Poly National Hive – Complete with Frames

Poly National Hive – Complete with Frames


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This polystyrene hive provides good insulation for your bees. In our experience poly hives help to improve overwintering and spring buildup, are lighter to handle and require less maintenance than wooden hives.


This Complete National Hive with frames, consists of:

  • Open Mesh Floor with entrance block and removable plastic ‘varroa’ board
  • Brood Box with frames and wax foundation
  • 2 x poly Supers, complete with frames and wax foundation
  • Plastic queen excluder
  • Flexible, clear, plastic crown board
  • Roof
  • Hive Strap


The frames come complete with wired foundation.

The hive is also compatible with a variety of other wooden hive parts. This means you could, for example, use your existing wooden supers on the top, or use poly supers on top of your existing wooden brood box.


These Poly Hives are made in the UK

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Weight 999 kg

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