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Our kid’s courses are tailored to the age group we are working with and include demonstrations, interactive activities and a whole lot of fun. 


We tailor the content of our sessions to the needs of the group and the curriculum, but they typically cover:


  • What are honeybees?
  • Are there different types of honeybee?
  • How do they live, work, communicate and reproduce?
  • What do honeybees make in the hive (including honey)?
  • What other types of bee are there (e.g. Bumblebees and Solitary Bees)?
  • Why are bees important to our environment, society and the economy?
  • How do bees help pollinate plants?


Our Visitor Centre, located near Brindle provides a safe, secure location with excellent facilities. Once the group has entered the Centre we can shut the doors to ensure that no one enters or leaves without permission. There is ample free parking for cars and coaches and we have toilet facilities at the Centre. We can comfortably seat 30+ children and staff, although we have catered for groups of almost 80 pupils.

We can also come to your school to deliver talks and activity sessions to one or more classes. Our team of educators are really inspiring and receive excellent feedback from the schools we visit. If this is something that would interest you.


We bring props and various items of beekeeping equipment to make the session as fun and informative as possible.

DID YOU KNOW - Bees have four wings, not two - they actually hook them together to form one big pair when flying and then unhook them when not flying!


You can help by contributing to the upkeep of our hives. These are located in apiaries around Lancashire, the North West and North Wales. Adopting a hive makes a wonderful gift for Christmas, birthdays, weddings or other special occasion.


You will get an adoption certificate and will be able to track the progress of your hive with regular updates throughout the year.

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