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Give a Swarm a Home


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Swarming is part of the bees natural life cycle.  It is the ways bees reproduce. Sadly, over 75% of swarms die within their first year as they have no suitable place to make a new home.


You can help the bees by sponsoring a specially designed swarm cottage for the scout bees to find and lead the swarm to so as to set up their new colony and thrive


Once in the cottage, the bees quickly build new comb in which they can start to store nectar and for the queen to start laying eggs


We will email you when a swarm moves into the cottage, with pictures when possible.  The bees will be taken back to The Bee Centre and established in a full size hive and the cottage will be refurbished ready to collect another swarm.


Sponsorship lasts for 12 months from the date of purchase.


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