Privacy Policy - The Bee Centre

We want visitors to our site to enjoy the experience without worrying about data
collection, being spammed with unwanted mail or other marketing stuff. To that
end, we do not collect any personal information when you visit our site as a
If you register on our site as either a member, subscriber or a customer, the
information you submit is used only to provide the information, services or
products that you have requested. We do not pass on your details to anyone
else unless required to do so by law or in order to help deliver what has been
requested by you (for example, reputable payment processing providers). A
current list of these can be provided on request.
You can ask us to delete, amend, correct or restrict your information at any
time. You can also ask us what information we hold and how we use it. To do
any of these, email us at info@thebeecentre.org.
We are committed to providing a pleasurable, valued and hassle-free experience
to visitors and customers. Please let us know if you feel we are not achieving
this so that we can improve our service ��.

Cookie Policy - www.thebeecentre.org

We use a “session” cookie on this site. This cookie does not record any personal
information. It is used to remember any preferences that you have set for the
site whilst you are on our site. This cookie expires when you close your web
When you first open our website, you will see a message letting you know that
the site sets a cookie, as explained above. If you do not wish the session cookie
to be set, you can disable cookies in your browser. Most browsers give you the
choice of:-
 Accepting all cookies
 Blocking all cookies
 Allowing or blocking cookies from specific web sites.
 Allowing or blocking cookies from third party sites
Third party sites are sites that are not directly controlled by the site that you are
on. These are often advertising cookies but can also include social media links.
The Bee Centre does not use any third-party cookies.


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