Honey at The Lowry Hotel

Supporting Biodiversity

The Lowry Hotel works with The Bee Centre to support bees and biodiversity across the North West.


The Bee Centre specialises in breeding native honeybees and getting them into the environment to enhance biodiversity and improve the pollination of essential, flowering plants and crops. Honey production is not the focus of our activity. Indeed, the bees retain most of their honey and we only take any genuine surplus which is produced whilst making space for colonies to expand their population.


By providing financial support for the management of several honeybee colonies, The Lowry Hotel enables us to focus on adding environmental value rather than relying on revenue from removing too much honey; the fruits of the bees’ hard labours.

The Lowry Hotel honeybee hive @thebeecentre

About the Honey

Any sustainably managed honey that we do extract is sold to provide resources for the ongoing management of our honeybees and the wider bee population in the North West. There are around 270 species of bees in the UK.


The honey that you have just tasted from The Lowry Hotel breakfast bar and the amenity items in your room are specially produced by us from hives supported by the hotel. It is pure, raw honey from apiaries mostly around Chorley and Preston in Lancashire.


Proper honey like this is a carefully constructed superfood, containing over 200 components cleverly combined by our honeybees. This provides them with the nutritional and medicinal properties they need. We are lucky to be able to share this with them. We hope you enjoy it.

Pure raw Lancashire honey @thebeecentre

See our bees at work

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