Bees, Biodiversity and Lanz Group

Lanz Group

Lanz Group is a leading waste-management provider for businesses in West London, Thames Valley and surrounding counties.

Established for more than 80 years, Lanz Group remains family-owned.

Environmental considerations are a fundamental part of the Lanz Group operates, with commitments to providing sustainable solutions for its customers and communities as they deliver against their environmental ambitions.

Royal Mail hives at the bee centre

Supporting Biodiversity

The Lanz Group recognises that their business has both a direct and indirect impact on biodiversity and ecosystem services.

As part of their programme to support biodiversity, the organisation has engaged with The Bee Centre to find ways of enhancing opportunities for bees and other pollinators both on and off-site. The Bee Centre is the home of sustainable and ethical beekeeping in the UK and a centre of excellence for bee-related breeding, husbandry and education.

Part of this programme includes the installation of a honeybee colony at the Bee Centre’s flagship training and ecotourism facility near Chorley, Lancashire. The colony comprises British honeybees which are specially bred by The Bee Centre and are based on our native dark bee (Apis mellifera mellifera). These bees have been locally adapted to be resilient and well suited to local seasonality and habitats. The bees are busy pollinating wild flowers and crops to enhance our natural environment.

honeybee @thebeecentre
natural honeycomb with Kath at the bee centre

See our bees at work

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