Bees, Biodiversity and Kepak

About Kepak (Kirkham)

Part of the Kepak Group, Kepak Kirkham (Preston, Lancashire) is home to the Rustlers, Feasters, Quicksters and Speedfeast brands.

Over the past decade, Kepak’s Sustainability agenda has grown rapidly, recognising the direct and indirect impact the business has on biodiversity and ecosystems. The company not only works to protect and enhance biodiversity on its own land and that of key stakeholders, but is actively investing in the reduction and removal of plastic from its products with the launch of a PET recyclable pack, made with recycled content, and an innovative new packaging format for its new ‘Cook in Box’ range, in which the majority of plastic has been removed.

“Supporting The Bee Centre and their amazing work is one way in which we’re giving back to our local environment and helping to ensure sustainability continues to ‘bee’ at the forefront of our actions” says James Grimston, Food Division Site Director

Kepak Group are also members of the Science-Based Emissions Targets, and a founding member of Origin Green: Ireland’s pioneering food and drink sustainability programme.

honeybee hive sponsored by Kepak at the bee centre

Supporting Biodiversity

As part of their programme to support biodiversity, the team at Kirkham has engaged with The Bee Centre to find ways of enhancing opportunities for bees and other pollinators. 


The Bee Centre is the home of sustainable and ethical beekeeping in the UK and a centre of excellence for bee-related breeding, husbandry and education.


Kepak (Kirkham) is supporting the care and management of some 50,000 honeybees at one of the apiaries run by The Bee Centre. The Bee Centre specialises in breeding native honeybees based on our native dark bee (Apis mellifera mellifera). These bees have been locally adapted to be resilient and well suited to local seasonality and habitats. They are busy pollinating wild flowers and crops and enhancing our natural environment.



By providing financial support for the management of a honeybee colony, Kepak (Kirkham) adds environmental value in Lancashire.

honeybee @thebeecentre
natural honeycomb with Kath at the bee centre

See our bees at work

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