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Simon and Kath Cordingley (and Roxy) - beekeepers at The Bee Centre

The Bee Centre

Beekeeping Experiences & Courses, Mentoring, Equipment, Honeybees, Honey, Candles, Beeswax, Biodiversity and Pollination


The Bee Centre is a centre of excellence for bee-related education, breeding and husbandry.


We educate by delivering our award-winning ‘bee experience’, beekeeping courses and talks to individuals, organisations, schools and groups.


We work with other businesses to strengthen the UK supply chain. We support farms by increasing crop yield through pollination and we work with local authorities to create suitable habitats for bees to thrive in.


We also specialise in breeding sustainable honeybees, based on our native black bee.

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Award-winning Bee Experiences

Why not try something different with one of our award-winning ‘Beekeeping Experiences’.


These inspiring, memorable and educational events last for approximately 90 minutes.


Put on a beekeeping suit and join our Head Beekeeper in our purpose-built training apiary. You’ll open up a hive and explore the fascinating lives of the bees inside. You’ll also get to taste raw honey and learn more about why bees are essential to our wellbeing.


These events make a thoughtful and memorable gift and can provide an adventure for the whole family.


Pure raw local Lancashire honey @thebeecentre

Pure Honey

Pure honey is a nutritious food and one of our oldest medicines.

Honey contains over 200 components, including natural sugars, amino acids, minerals, pre-biotics and other trace nutrients. It is a healthy and tasty replacement for processed sugars.

Honey also has proven health benefits. It can be an effective treatment for a wide range of conditions, including allergies, digestive problems, skin conditions and more.

Unfortunately, nearly all honey sold commercially has been treated in ways which reduce or remove its health benefits. In fact, much of what is sold as ‘honey’ is little more than processed sugar syrup.

Buying directly from a beekeeper increases your chances of getting ‘proper’ honey. 

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